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The DNA of Customer Experience: How Emotions Drive Value By Colin Shaw

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Colin Shaw demonstrates convincingly why building a great “Customer Experience” is important to your company.He relates it to important clusters of emotions that either destroy or drive added value, and create loyal customers. While the DNA metaphor is a bit strained (after all, talking about the virus of customer experience wouldn’t be nearly as poetic, even if it might be a slightly more accurate metaphor), Shaw gets his ideas across well and the underlying principles he outlines are quite good. He provides stories and quotes from his own consulting experience to clarify his points.


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Published on: 2007-06-15
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The DNA of Customer Experience Abstract
  • Why customer emotions matter in the purchasing experience
  • Which emotion clusters are statistically pivotal in your efforts to create customer loyalty
  • How to calculate your “Net Promoter Score”
  • How to get a manager who doesn’t think you have a “Customer Experience” issue to see the light

Show me the money! This is the frantic cry of the "old guard" of senior executives as they desperately struggle to deal with commoditizing markets, the loss of their differentiator and the inevitable impact on profitability.

At the same time the new breed of enlightened, customer-focused executives knowingly smile, seeing the answer is simple: focus on the customer rather than the organization, provide customers with an emotionally engaging experience, and the rest will take care of itself. They understand that the customer experience is the next competitive battleground and that emotions account for over 50% of an experience.

In one case study in this book, an organization adopting this philosophy dealing in a mature market, enjoyed 100% growth in revenues, doubled their customer base, substantially reduced customer churn, increased the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns by 20% and reduced employee attrition by 13%.

As the world thought leaders on customer experience, Colin Shaw and the team at Beyond Philosophy have undertaken more than 18 months of groundbreaking research to discovering the emotions that drive and destroy value in an organization and can now disclose the empirical link between evoking these emotions and substantial financial returns.

By the end of the book you will understand:
* The four clusters of emotions that increase customers' short term spend and drive and destroy customer loyalty
* How to prove that improving your customer experience provides considerable financial returns
* How to evoke these emotions in your customers
* How these emotions affect your "Net Promoter" score and how to use them to improve it
* Why every organization has an Emotional Signature

This book is littered with examples of organizations who already understand the DNA of customer experience and know the power of emotions to gain a competitive edge.

About the Author 

COLIN SHAW is author of two best selling books “Building Great Customer Experiences”and “Revolutionise your Customer Experience. He is the Founder and CEO of Beyond Philosophy, the worlds leading thought leader in the Customer Experience. They provide Strategic Guidance, Market Research and Education services from their offices in London, England and Atlanta, USA. Beyond Philosophy™ boasts a number of the worlds largest organisations as clients including Microsoft, T-Mobile, FedEx, IBM and Her Majesty’s Cabinet office to name a few. 

Due to his expertise Colin has appeared many times on CNN, BBC TV, Sky News & various Radio stations. He has also appeared in most of the National Press in the UK and many other trade publications. He is a sought-after and accomplished speaker, delivering key note speeches around the globe, and is a member of both the International Federation for Professional Speakers and the UK Professional Speakers Association.